eScript now needs collaboration in order to take it further.

We are looking for collaborators to on-develop the product

and help achieve its potential.

Work with us to get eScript to the next level


Two years have been spent developing eScript and the eScriptorium concept to its current state.

To advance further, help is required from voluntary, academic or commercial sponsors.

We are looking for collaborators in a number of areas:

  • Technical collaboration is needed to further develop eScript and to build Tensorflow and AWS interfaces.
  • Academic collaboration is needed to validate the approach and to provide 'in-use' feedback.
  • Commercial collaboration is optionally required if the necessary publicity and industry awareness cannot be achieved by other means.
A substantial palaeography framework is already in place. Help us to achieve the next level..


It would be good to build a Tensorflow interface but there are difficulties. Currently Tensorflow access scripts use Python as a front-end to interface to the Tensorflow engine which is written in C++.

There is a Java interface that we can use but this works from the trained model stage onwards and therefore this presupposes that the training of the model has already occurred. The best we can do it seems without major development is to output the files that the training needs from eScript, the user then moves across to Python to execute the training and then back to eScript to pick up the trained model for use in subsequent transcriptions. If anyone has a better idea we would love to hear from them.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is another valuable interface for eScript Machine Learning.

Again, this is something we will do in time but there may be someone out there who has interfaced to AWS from Java and if so we would love to hear ffom them.

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